Why Does Baba Challenge The Russian Officer? (Correct answer)

Mainly because Russia is invading them and they need to get out of Afghanistan. Why does Baba challenge the Russian officer who is obviously high on drugs? Foreshadowing because he is leaving Afghanistan. Kamal’s father commits suicide after Kamal dies from breathing the fumes of the tank.

Why does Baba challenge the Russian officer who is obviously high on drugs What does this say about Baba’s character?

Why does Baba challenge the Russian officer who is obviously high on drugs? Baba shows his courage and strength by preventing the Russian soldier from raping the woman in the truck.

Why does Baba stand up to the Russian soldier?

He then explains that there is really only one sin, and that is theft. Later, when Amir and Baba are escaping Afghanistan, Baba risks his own life to prevent a woman from being raped. He tells a Russian soldier that he will take a thousand bullets before allowing the woman to be taken.

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What did Baba do wrong?

The most striking wrongdoing on Baba’s part is his coupling with Ali’s wife, Sanaubar, which results in the birth of Hassan.

What was the interaction between Baba and the Russian soldier?

How does the confrontation between Baba and the Russian soldier make Amir feel? Baba and the Russian soldier got into a conflict because the Russian conflict because the Russian soldier wanted 30 minutes with one of the ladies in the van and Baba stood up for her.

What is Baba diagnosed with?

Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer but refuses to receive treatment. Amir tells Baba he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. Baba replies that he’s been trying to teach Amir precisely this all his life and forbids Amir to tell anyone about his illness.

Why is Soraya’s reputation ruined?

Soraya’s reputation was ruined among the Afghan community in Virginia after she ran away with her boyfriend, and she still feels bullied by her father; and like Amir (who feels Baba blames him for causing his mother’s death), she feels guilt for causing her mother’s stroke.

How is Amir’s car sickness read?

Amir’s car sickness= a sign of anxiety we saw when he and his father left Afghanistan the first time (228). Amir gives away his watch; his father gave him one for his birthday, one of his many gifts (238).

Does Baba hate Amir?

Amir constantly tries to please Baba, but usually feels like a failure. He can’t help but think that Baba hates him a little for “killing” his mother in childbirth. The only skill Amir feels he has is reading and memorizing poems, and Baba looks down on such pursuits.

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What were the Kite Runner doing?

The kite runners were flying kites.

Why was Baba respected?

The move to America is very difficult for Baba, who is used to being wealthy and well-respected in his community. He goes from having wealth and a position of power to working a low-paying job at a gas station and living modestly.

How is Hassan’s cleft lip fixed?

In Chapter 5, Baba presents Hassan with an unusual birthday gift. He has summoned a plastic surgeon to come and fix Hassan’s lip. As Baba tells Hassan: ‘this present will last forever. ‘ The surgery is a success, and the only reminder of the cleft lip that remains is a ‘faint scar.

Was Baba a good man?

Despite his failings, Baba is an admirable man in several ways. Although he did not claim Hassan as his son, Baba always provided for him, treating him more as a family member than as a servant. Baba, for instance, arranged for Hassan to have surgery to correct his misshapen lip.

What happens to Baba when he encounters some Russian soldiers *?

Baba won’t allow it. The Russian threatens to shoot Baba and raises his handgun, but another Russian officer stops him. After they pass the checkpoint, the husband of the woman kisses Baba’s hand.

What does Baba say to the Russian soldier when the soldier says there is no shame in war?

As the Russian makes clear his intention to rape the young Afghani mother, Baba steps forward and challenges the soldier by asking him if he has no shame. The soldier replies that “there is no shame in war,” to which Baba retorts: “Tell him he is wrong.

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What is significant about Baba taking a handful?

Therefore, the significance of Baba putting dirt in his snuff box is to show his sentimental attachment to his homeland which he wants to always remember even though they were fleeing to a foreign country.

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