Who Was The First Black Female Police Officer? (Best solution)

Georgia Ann Robinson
Died September 21, 1961 (aged 82) Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Police officer Community worker
Known for First African-American woman police officer at the LAPD


When was the first black female cop?

1916: Georgia Ann Robinson was appointed to the LAPD, making her America’s first known African-American policewoman.

Who was the first girl police officer?

Alice Stebbins Wells, (born June 13, 1873, Manhattan, Kansas, U.S.—died August 17, 1957, Los Angeles, California), American minister and social welfare worker who, in 1910, became the first woman appointed to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Who was the first black female police chief?

Marguerite P. Justice (July 1921 – 17 September 2009) was the second woman, and the first black woman to serve as a police commissioner in the United States.

Which police department hired the first black female police in 1916?

Georgia Ann Hill Robinson became the first black female police officer to work for the Los Angeles (California) Police Department (LAPD) —and possibly the first in the country—in 1916.

What president was a police commissioner?

Theodore Roosevelt when he was a New York police commissioner.

Did Jack Maple have children?

A flamboyant character he was often seen wearing two-tone shoes, striped shirts, bow-ties and a homburg hat. Maple died of colon cancer. Maple is survived by his third wife, Brigid O’Connor and his daughter, Jacqueline; two sons, Brendan and Breen.

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When was the first black LAPD officer?

Robert William Stewart (March 1, 1850– July 27, 1931) was an American police officer. Appointed in 1886, Stewart was the first Black officer on the Los Angeles Police force.

When was the first black police officer hired in the US?

On June 28, 1911, Samuel Battle, badge number 782, became the first Black police officer in the NYPD. On that day, Police Commissioner Rhinelander Waldo told him, “You will have some difficulties, but I know you will overcome them.” Thus began Battle’s four-decade-long career.

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