Who Is The Chief Legal Officer Of Illinois? (Solution)

Incumbent. Kwame Raoul The Illinois Attorney General is the highest legal officer of the state of Illinois in the United States.

Who is state’s chief legal officer?

The state attorney general in each of the 50 U.S. states, of the federal district, or of any of the territories is the chief legal advisor to the state government and the state’s chief law enforcement officer.

Who is in charge of the Illinois Attorney General?

Attorney General Kwame Raoul (Democrat) was sworn in as the 42nd Attorney General of Illinois in January 2019. Born in Chicago to Haitian immigrants, Raoul brings a lifetime of legal and policy experience, advocacy and public service to the Office of the Attorney General.

Who is the top legal officer in state?

Attorneys general are the top legal officers of their state or territory. They advise and represent their legislature and state agencies and act as the “People’s Lawyer” for the citizens. Most are elected, though a few are appointed by the governor.

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Is there a chief legal officer?

The Chief Legal Officer is the head of the corporate legal department and is responsible for the legal affairs of the entire corporation. This role includes providing legal counsel to the board of directors, chairman of the board, chief executive officer and other senior management.

Who is the attorney for the state of Illinois and the people of Illinois?

Current officeholder. The current attorney general is Democrat Kwame Raoul. Raoul was first elected to the office in 2018 and was sworn in January 14, 2019. Raoul previously represented District 13 in the Illinois State Senate from 2004 to 2019.

How much do chief legal officers make?

How much does a Chief Legal Officer make in the United States? The average Chief Legal Officer salary in the United States is $352,960 as of October 29, 2021, but the range typically falls between $294,210 and $425,740.

What branch is the Illinois attorney general?

” The executive department shall consist of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor of Public Accounts, Treasurer, Superintendent of Public Instruction and Attorney General, who shall each hold office for a term of four years from the second Monday of January next after his election and until his

Who is the IL current lieutenant governor?

Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton is excited to serve Illinois as the state’s 48th Lieutenant Governor.

Who is the governor of Illinois?

Governor JB Pritzker (Democrat) was sworn in as the 43rd Governor of Illinois on Jan. 14, 2019.

What is a state attorney salary?

How much does an Attorney make at U.S. Department of State in the United States? Average U.S. Department of State Attorney yearly pay in the United States is approximately $154,269, which is 68% above the national average.

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What is the salary of the US attorney general?

Attorney General is a Level I position in the Executive Schedule, thus earning a salary of US$221,400, as of January 2021.

Is chief legal officer higher than general counsel?

The role of chief legal officer is a newer position than the general counsel and in some ways is an expansion of the general counsel role. The CLO is a C-Suite position that focuses on the legal department but is also responsible for providing valid business solutions to arising problems.

Who reports to CLO?

According to a recent ACC Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Survey, with more than 1,300 chief legal officers participating globally, the majority (about 80%) state that their reporting line is directly to the CEO of the organization.

How do you become a chief law officer?

CLOs must possess strong initiative, as well as excellent management and leadership skills and strong business acumen. An LLB or equivalent and an applicable provincial license to practice law are required. The level of experience required for the position may vary, depending on company size.

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