Which Form Is Used By The Property Book Officer? (Solution)

Property Book Officer: PHR (ALH-151) signed by Outgoing Company Commander (PHRH). Nonexpendable Shortage Annex : Initialed by PBO.

What does a property book officer do?

Property Book Officers work in the army and are responsible for purchasing and maintaining supplies. Duties of a Property Book Officer include maintaining inventory, ensuring adequate supplies, placing orders, collecting worn-out items, sending damaged supplies back, developing budgets, and purchasing new inventory.

What is a property book NCO?

Duties: Receive, inspect, inventory, load/unload, store, issue and deliver supplies and equipment. Maintain automated supply system for accounting of organizational and installation supplies and equipment Issue and receive small arms.

What are some of the responsibilities of PBO?

Manages the accountability of all unit equipment and supplies; reviews and evaluates operations and anticipates needs; analyzes data and makes recommendations to ensure accountability; develops budgets and purchases new inventory; maintains an effective supply discipline program; coordinates with Item Managers,

What army regulation covers Flipl?

Army Regulation (AR) 735-5, Chapter 13, governs the FLIPL system. It can be found at www.apd.army.mil. RIGHTS IF YOU ARE FOUND LIABLE: If the financial liability officer (FLO) recommends that you pay for the loss or damage, the FLO must allow you to examine the entire FLIPL report and to submit a rebuttal statement.

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Who is the PBO army?

The Army Property Book Officer (PBO) is responsible for issuing this type of property. DCMA personnel SHALL NOT Sign a hand receipt for Tactical or War Reserve items or any property issued by an IPBO against contracts.

What is the role of account officer in bank?

An Account Officer, or Account Supervisors, takes care of the financial bookkeeping and records of an organization. They also send out bills and invoices, follow up on overdue payments and ensure that a company’s invoices and payments match up correctly by cross-checking the original document to the company’s record.

What is a DD Form 362 used for?

DD Form 362, Statement of Charges or Cash Collection Voucher, is a form similar to a receipt or an invoice and used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to document purchases involving specific stock and goods.

What is a DD Form 200 used for?

The DD Form 200 is used to document the financial liability process for lost, damaged or destroyed Government property.

Who is the responsible officer for a Flipl?

FLIPL are normally initiated by the commander, accountable officer, or hand receipt holder of the property in question. The FLIPL is then forwarded to the appointing authority in the chain of command of the person responsible for the property.

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