When To Salute An Officer? (Solution)

When an officer of superior rank enters a room, the first Soldier to recognize the officer calls personnel in the room to “attention” but does not salute. A salute indoors is rendered only when reporting. When you are dismissed, or when the officer departs, come to attention and salute.

Do you always salute an officer?

When in uniform, you salute when you meet and recognize an officer entitled to a salute by rank except when inappropriate or impractical. Generally, in any case not covered by specific situations, a salute is the respectful, appropriate way to acknowledge a superior officer.

Do you salute officers when not in uniform?

An officer in civilian clothing or you? If you are in civilian clothing and the officer is in uniform, you do not salute. You may greet them by rank. If the officer is in civilian clothing and you are in uniform and recognize them as an officer, it is proper to render a salute.

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Can you salute an officer while walking?

If the group is walking, all should salute simultaneously. If a group of individuals is in formation and a senior approaches, the person in charge of the formation should call the formation to attention, and then only the person in charge should salute.

Should you salute if you are not military?

Actually, no regulation specifies that the president should salute (or return the salute of) military personnel. “Civilian personnel, to include civilian guards, are not required to render the hand salute to military personnel or other civilian personnel.

When should you not render salute?

When senior or subordinate, or both are in civilian attire, a salute should not be rendered. When engaged in routine work or sports function where stopping would present a safety hazard, the salute should not be rendered. When carrying articles with both hands so occupied as to make saluting impracticable.

How do you say hello in military?

Errr – (U.S. Marines) An abbreviated or unmotivated “Oorah”. Often used as a form of acknowledgment or greeting. Yes, we really do walk around saying “Errr” at one another in the way normal civilized humans say “Hello.”

Do you salute enemy officers?

” If you are an enlisted prisoner of war, you must salute all enemy officers. If you are an officer prisoner of war, you salute only enemy officers of equal or higher rank. You render your own salute, not the salute as executed by the enemy.” It is customary to salute foreign officers (friend or foe).

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Do officers salute each other?

Enlisted and NCO members must salute officers. Officers salute senior officers. But you may salute anyone you wish; it is a sign of respect.

Can a civilian salute a fallen soldier?

As a civilian, feel free to salute troops. Some military personnel consider it a bit disrespectful when civilians do, kind of like downplaying the meaning of the gesture, others just laugh it off. As for saluting the President – if the servicemember is in uniform, yes, it is required.

Does a 2nd Lt outrank a Sgt Major?

The LT absolutely does not outrank the sergeant major or first sergeant. But new second lieutenants have zero experience in the Army while chief warrant officers 4 and 5 generally have over a decade and platoon sergeants and above have 10-ish or more experience as well.

Do you call at ease when an officer is present?

The first person to see an officer who is senior in rank to any present in the dining facility he/she will call “AT EASE” so that their presence is known and necessary action can be taken. The Soldiers should fall silent, remain seated, and continue to work or eat.

Do you salute a state governor?

Protocol dictates that the monarch, members of the royal family, the governor-general, and state governors are to be saluted at all times by all ranks. The party wearing headdress must always offer, or respond with, a full salute.

Do warrant officers salute officers?

Since all warrant officers are non-commissioned officers, they are not saluted.

Is it offensive to salute?

Saluting is a military custom, not a civilian one. It isn’t disrespectful, its all customs and tradition. example: civilians(even prior service) will almost always address an enlisted soldier as ‘sir’ rather than by rank, sometimes they do though which is fine, its the same thing with a salute.

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Do officers salute Medal of Honor recipients?

There is a military tradition that dictates all uniformed members of the service render a salute to Medal of Honor awardees regardless of rank; this is one of the unique customs and courtesies associated with the medal.

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