What Military Officer Replied “nuts,” When Asked To Surrender During Wwii? (Solved)

He is celebrated for his one-word reply to a German surrender ultimatum: “Nuts!” After the battle, McAuliffe was promoted and given command of the 103rd Infantry Division, which he led from January 1945 to July 1945.

Anthony McAuliffe.

Anthony Clement McAuliffe
Battles/wars World War II


Who said nuts to a German surrender?

Anthony McAuliffe’s 1944 Christmas Message to his Troops.

Who responded nuts?

Anthony McAuliffe (2 July 1898 – 11 August 1975) was the United States Army general who was the acting division commander of the 101st Airborne Division troops defending Bastogne, Belgium, during World War II’s Battle of the Bulge, famous for his single-word reply of “Nuts!” in response to a German surrender ultimatum.

Why did the general say nuts?

“NUTS,” an official military response to a German commander. The response was to a German letter threatening to annihilate over 100,000 US troops in what was to be known as The Battle of the Bulge.

What does Nuts mean in World War 2?

Two German officers did not quite understand the message and Harper told him, “If you don’t understand what ‘Nuts’ means, in plain English it is the same as ‘ Go to hell. ‘ A German major and captain saluted very stiffly. The captain said, “We will kill many Americans.

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What was Hitler’s plan in the West that led to the encirclement of Bastogne?

Adolf Hitler soon laid out a plan to attack the Allied lines in Belgium and Luxembourg; 25 divisions would launch a surprise attack through the Ardennes, with the aim of crossing the Meuse River (called Maas in German and Dutch) and recapturing Antwerp.

What impact did the Battle of the Bulge have on Germany?

The Battle of the Bulge marked the last German offense on the Western Front. The catastrophic losses on the German side prevented Germany from resisting the advance of Allied forces following the Normandy Invasion. Less than four months after the end of the Battle of the Bulge, Germany surrendered to Allied forces.

Who won the Battle of the Bulge?

The Allies won the Battle of the Bulge. The Germans suffered more than 100,000 casualties; the Americans approximately 81,000.

Which Theatre was General Patton best known for fighting?

Patton led U.S. troops into the Mediterranean theater with an invasion of Casablanca during Operation Torch in 1942, and soon established himself as an effective commander by rapidly rehabilitating the demoralized II United States Corps.

What did Nuts mean in the battle of the bulge?

Anthony McAuliffe of the 101st Airborne to answer the German call for surrender at Bastogne with the one-word interjection, “Nuts!” (Asked by the puzzled German emissaries what it meant, an aide to McAuliffe reportedly replied, “It means, ‘ Go to hell.

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