What Is The Written Test For Police Officer?

Police written tests are not unlike college entrance exams such as an ACT or SAT. In general, police written exams cover reading comprehension, spelling, math, grammar, and analytical skills. The written test can also include a report writing test. Generally, a passing score is 70% or better.

What is the police written exam called?

The Police Officer Selection Test usually starts with the police written exam. The Police Officer Selection Test, or POST, is a generic name for the entrance exam given by law enforcement agencies for entry-level positions. It may also be referred to as the Civil Service Exam for Police.

Which exam is best for police officer?

Civil Services Examination and IPS Civil Services Examination (CSE) is one of the most popular exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. UPSC conducts this exam to recruit candidates to about 24 top government services like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc. UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) consists of 3 stages.

Is the police written test hard?

The Police Officer Selection Test (POST) is much like many other civil service exams in that it is a test of basic skills, not necessarily specific law enforcement knowledge. The exam is typically not difficult, but you may want to brush up on these basic skills before test day.

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What is IPS salary?

The basic salary of an IPS officer starts at Rs. 56,100 (TA, DA and HRA are extra) per month and can go on to reach Rs. 2,25,000 for a DGP.

How can I become a Si?

To become a sub-inspector, candidates must apply for SI Examination first. This exam is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission.

What is age limit for police officer?

Minimum / Maximum Age Requirement While most agencies require you to be 21 by academy graduation date, some take cadets as young as 18. The maximum age can vary widely. Do not assume that just because you are over 30, your chances of becoming a police officer are over. Some agencies have no maximum age.

How do I pass the police entrance exam?

15 Practical Tips on How to Pass the Police Written Exam in 2021

  1. Find out the basic.
  2. Understand the overall test process.
  3. Check with peers.
  4. Prepare for the written test.
  5. Schedule your study time.
  6. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Improve your strongest skills.
  8. Rest well prior to the written test.

How should I dress for a police written exam?

Okay, if you are a make just wear a pair of slacks, a shirt, a tie, and a jacket or a matched suit. Get your hair done about a week before, if you have hair that is. Shave and shower the day of. Don’t douse yourself in aftershave or cologne.

Can I join the JCF without CXC?

2. Minimum Academic Qualification: The academic qualifications are, 4 CXC or CSEC, English Language is compulsory along with Mathematics or any other science or numeric subject. 3.

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How much subject do you need to join the JCF?

At present the minimum requirements is 4 Subjects in: CXC/CSEC – at grades 1-3 (grade 3 acceptable after 1998) or. GCE O’Level – at grades of A – C or. SSC – grades at ranges 4 and 5.

What does the JCF physical test consist of?

Candidates will undergo a comprehensive medical examination, inclusive of: blood tests, blood pressure check, urine analysis,drug screening, vision test, hearing test and chest x-ray. Successful candidates must be in excellent physical health with the ability to effectively perform the duties of a police officer.

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