What Is A Merchant Marine Officer? (Solved)

A merchant mariner serves aboard a commercial vessel as part of the Merchant Marine after completing training and certification through the Coast Guard. Mariners help keep a vessel operating smoothly and ensure that the vessel, cargo and passengers get safely to their destination.

What exactly does a merchant marine do?

The Merchant Marine primarily transports cargo and passengers during peacetime; in times of war, the Merchant Marine can be an auxiliary to the United States Navy, and can be called upon to deliver military personnel and materiel for the military.

Is the merchant marine part of the military?

It is civilian-manned ships Merchant Mariners are not part of the military. Now, some of them run a number of ships that support the U.S. Navy, like the Henry J. Kaiser-class replenishment oilers and Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ships, as well as the sealift vessels like the Bob Hope-class vehicle cargo chips.

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How do you become a merchant marine officer?

This is the traditional path to become a licensed United States Merchant Marine Officer. Attend and graduate from one of the six state maritime academies or the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA).

  1. an accredited Bachelor’s degree,
  2. a Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC), and.

Are Merchant Marines paid well?

Most marine mariners gain experience on the job, and receive ongoing training that allows them to move to more advanced positions. A rookie merchant marine, such as sailor, earns a median annual salary of $40,730. A more advanced position, such as a ship engineer, earns a median salary of about $73,000.

How long do Merchant Marines stay at sea?

Some have been at sea for as long as 20 months, though 11 months is the maximum time allowed by the ILO Maritime Labour Convention.

What is the difference between a merchant marine and a Marine?

The merchant marines are not a part of the military. Some of them work on ships that support the U.S. Navy, but aren’t active members of the military. The Merchant Marine receives support from the U.S. Maritime Administration, an agency of the Department of Transportation.

Do you salute merchant marine officers?

All military enlisted personnel in uniform are required to salute when they meet and recognize a commissioned or warrant officer, except when it is inappropriate or impractical (for example, if you’re carrying something using both hands). A salute also is rendered: To officers of friendly foreign countries.

Do Merchant Marines wear uniforms?

Members of today’s United States Merchant Marine (USMM) do not wear uniforms, they do not cut their hair short, they are not active duty military, and only a few are in the U.S. Navy Reserve. They do not get veterans benefits, special privileges, government healthcare or retirement pay.

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Do merchant marine ships carry weapons?

Cargo ships don’t carry weapons because it is feared this would increase the likelihood of crew members getting killed or injured. Tactics used by other cargo ships to try to repel pirates include the use of anti-climb paint, electrified wires and sonic cannons to fend off ships with a disabling noise.

How do I become a merchant officer?

Eligibility Criteria to become the Merchant Navy Officer Admission procedure is through an entrance examination, which is followed by a screening test and a main written examination. After clearing the written tests, there is an upcoming interview and a medical test for each candidate.

Do merchant Marines have ranks?

Left to right: Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant (Junior Grade), Ensign, Chief Warrant, Warrant Officer.

How much does a merchant marine captain make?

Salary Ranges for Merchant Mariner Captains The salaries of Merchant Mariner Captains in the US range from $76,277 to $109,384, with a median salary of $85,950. The middle 57% of Merchant Mariner Captains makes between $85,950 and $93,649, with the top 86% making $109,384.

How do merchant seamen get paid?

The earnings for entry-level merchant seamen are generally higher than those of other workers with similar education. They typically receive daily wages in addition to food and housing while on the ship. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, captains and engineers on merchant ships earn about the same income.

Do you get paid while attending the merchant Marine Academy?

Unfortunately, unlike other federal service academies, the Academy does not provide a monthly stipend or cover 100% of the Cost of Attendance for their students. Many scholarship funds are unaware of this fact.

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How do I become a captain in the merchant navy?

You need to appear the entrance exam like IMU CET conducted by Indian Maritime University, CUSAT CAT etc. for Merchant Navy. You need to become first a Deck Officer & continue to gain experience and receive on-the-job training, deck officers may qualify for promotion to captain.

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