What Does An Army Intelligence Officer Do? (Perfect answer)

Intelligence officers provide a service that is crucial for our national defense. These officers develop and execute plans, policies, and procedures that facilitate intelligence functions. They are experts on all intelligence disciplines and their application across the spectrum of military operations.

What does an Army military intelligence officer do?

Job Overview You’ll provide essential information that can often save the lives of Soldiers fighting on front lines. You’ll command and coordinate Military Intelligence Soldiers and combined armed forces, assess risks, and act to neutralize intelligence threats.

What are the duties of an intelligence officer?

Basic Job Description Intelligence officers are military personnel who are trained to observe threat levels, gain information through observing war zones and enemy lines, direct security operations and other activities that involve secret observational operations regarding threats to the military or country.

Do Army intelligence officers see combat?

So long story short yes, intelligence analysts can see combat. Depends on their rank and postion in the chain, along with the needs of the mission and type of threat they are facing.

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Do Army intelligence officer carry guns?

Although agents may be issued other weapons on special assignments, they are commonly issued a standard Sig Sauer M11 or M18 compact pistol as their primary weapon. For combat environments, special agents are also typically issued the M4 carbine.

Is an intelligence officer a spy?

Intelligence officers are members of intelligence services. They will be highly trained in espionage techniques and the use of agents.

How long is Army intelligence training?

An analyst needs an ASVAB score of at least 101 in “skilled technical.” In Army intelligence training school they spend 10 weeks in basic combat training and 16 weeks in advanced individual training. Among the skills they learn are military symbols, computers and how to prepare maps, charts and intelligence reports.

Is it hard to become an intelligence officer?

However, becoming an intelligence analyst is more difficult than landing a typical office job. Each government agency or private security firm hiring intelligence analysts has their own education requirements but generally, you will at least an undergraduate degree to apply but a Master’s Degree is preferred.

What skills does an intelligence officer need?


  • Information technology skills including MS Office applications;
  • Research skills;
  • Data interpretation skills;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Risk management skills;
  • Writing/drafting/presentation skills.

Does army intelligence deploy?

Yes you do. It depends on your unit. Some units deploy often, others occasionally, and others never. It also depends on timing, and if there is a war.

How important is military intelligence?

Most governments maintain a military intelligence capability to provide analytical and information collection personnel in both specialist units and from other arms and services. The military and civilian intelligence capabilities collaborate to inform the spectrum of political and military activities.

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What MOS is Military Intelligence?

Military Intelligence (MI) jobs are classified under 35 Series MOS. The United States Army designates it’s primary Military Intelligence specialty as MOS 35F Intelligence Analyst. An Army Intelligence Analyst (MOS 35F) has an important function in understanding foreign cultures and languages.

How do I become a military intelligence analyst?

The educational requirement for this job is a bachelor’s or an associate degree in political science, international relations, military science, or security studies. It is also possible to be a military intelligence analyst with a college degree or high school degree with adequate training.

How do you become a psyop officer?


  1. Be a college graduate with at least a four-year degree.
  2. Be between 18 and 34 years old.
  3. Officer Basic Leadership Course (Or Additional Special Courses/Qualifications)
  4. Eligible for a Secret security clearance.
  5. Must be a U.S. citizen.

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