What Does A Surveillance Officer Do? (Question)

A surveillance officer monitors suspicious activities to prevent theft and cheating and to protect employees and patrons. However, other industries, such as retailers, automotive dealerships, and facilities with valuable or dangerous proprietary information may also employ surveillance officers.

What is the work of a surveillance officer?

Key Duties and Responsibilities: Ensure proper monitoring of all activities within the company premises to prevent intrusion/theft of company properties. Ensure proper coordination with security officers, vigilante, police and the army, to prevent intrusion and stealing within the company.

What are the main responsibilities of the surveillance department?

These include enforcing laws; monitoring alarms and closed-circuit cameras; monitoring employee and visitor access; conducting security checks; interviewing witnesses to crimes; and writing security reports.

What is casino surveillance job like?

Surveillance officers observe players and casino workers to ensure that house rules are being obeyed. Observe gambling operation for irregular activities such as cheating or theft by either employees or patrons. Investigate potential threats to gambling assets such as money, chips, and gambling equipment.

How do I become a surveillance officer?

Security guards generally need a high school diploma or equivalent, although some jobs may not have any education requirements. Gaming surveillance officers also need a high school diploma or equivalent and may need experience with video surveillance technology depending upon assignment.

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How do I become a surveillance specialist?

If you work for a government agency like the FBI, you need experience in the field, a minimum of an associate degree, and a security clearance to become a surveillance specialist. You need to be willing to relocate to any office, conduct physical surveillance work, and spend months on an assignment.

Can you have tattoos in MI5?

“Any distinguishing features such as tattoos on your face, neck or forearms would make you more recognisable to someone who is under surveillance and would therefore make you unsuitable for this role.” And they don’t want any tall poppies: female spies must be five foot eight or under and men no taller than six foot

What is the starting salary for a gaming surveillance officer?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $129,000 and as low as $19,000, the majority of Gaming Surveillance Officer salaries currently range between $24,500 (25th percentile) to $43,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $98,000 annually across the United States.

What is a surveillance agent?

What is a Surveillance Agent. A surveillance agent is more than your typical bouncer at a nightclub. Most often used in the gaming industry to monitor casinos or resorts, surveillance agents monitor suspicious activities for potential threats of theft or cheating.

What is a site surveillance officer?

Site Surveillance Officer (Level 2) Provide a specialist, non-routine surveillance capability to verify that work has been performed in accordance with Agency standards, specifications and processes.

What is surveillance medical officer?

Surveillance Medical Officer Provide technical guidance and build capacity of the government and the non government employee to sustain polio free status. Facilitate activities related intensification of routine immunisation, measles elimination and rubella control and surveillance of vaccine preventable disease.

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What is a probation surveillance officer?

Surveillance officers may perform searches and make arrests. Obtains, assembles, secures, keeps and files a complete identification record concerning the person on probation, including contact notes regarding compliance with terms of probation and case plan to prepare written reports for the probation officer.

What does a casino investigator do?

A gaming investigator ensures that a casino operates within the scope of local, state, and federal laws. Your responsibilities in this career include video and audio surveillance and daily logging and reporting of compliance issues.

What do gaming agents do?

Assist in detecting and properly investigating any violations of gaming laws or regulations, conduct inquiries regarding casino operations and secure copies of necessary records to ascertain compliance with all laws and regulations, investigate all violations and prepare reports for Supervising Gaming Agents, and

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