What Does A Cia Operations Officer Do? (Correct answer)

About the Job As an Operations Officer for the CIA, you will focus on clandestinely spotting, assessing, developing, recruiting, and handling non-U.S. citizens with access to foreign intelligence vital to U.S. foreign policy and national security decision-makers.

Where do CIA operation officers work?

Staff Operations Officers (SOO) are based out of CIA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and “plan, guide and support intelligence collection operations, counterintelligence activities and covert action programs”.

What is it like to be a CIA operations officer?

They do not wait at their desks for things to happen; they go out and make things happen. They are creative. They can work alone or as part of a team. They are excited by new challenges and are intellectually curious – they want to learn and understand why people make certain decisions and undertake various actions.

How much do CIA operations officers make?

Many CIA officer salaries are in the $50,000-$85,000 range, but because your work as a field officer is a little riskier and more specialized, you can expect to make a bit more than that—think $100,000-$125,000 (source).

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How do you become a CIA operations officer?

How do you become a CIA operations officer?

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Consider earning a master’s degree.
  3. Become fluent in one or two foreign languages.
  4. Gain relevant experience.
  5. Complete the required testing and medical examinations.
  6. Finish an internal training program.

Do CIA officers carry guns?

The vast majority of CIA officers do not carry weapons. Aside from officers in the Security Protective Service, or those serving in war zones, most CIA officers will never be issued a gun.

How long is CIA officer training?

The CIA training program is an extensive, 18-month, headquarters-based program.

Is it harder to get into the CIA or FBI?

It is an assumption you have to be a law enforcement agent prior to applying to the FBI, but if you are able to meet these requirements, your application will be fairly considered. The CIA focuses more on academic aptitude more than any other branch.

What do CIA agents tell their family?

Some Operatives Hide Their Work From Their Family CIA officers report lying to their family about their employer and the locations of their work. Former undercover operative Douglas Laux told his family he was a salesman working in Hawaii while he was actually on assignment for the CIA in Afghanistan.

Who pays more FBI or CIA?

Salaries. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has 716 more total submitted salaries than CIA.

What is the highest paying job in the CIA?

The highest-paying job at CIA is a Project Manager with a salary of $186,686 per year.

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What are CIA black ops?

A black operation or black op is a covert or clandestine operation by a government agency, a military unit or a paramilitary organization; it can include activities by private companies or groups. Key features of a black operation are that it is secret and it is not attributable to the organization carrying it out.

Do CIA agents fight?

Extensive hand-to-hand combat skills are learned, including martial arts like krav maga, jeet kune do and Brazilian jiu jitsu, and you must learn to fight with improvised weapons.

Can you have tattoos and be in the CIA?

However, the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) website states, “ tattoos will not disqualify you from gaining employment at the CIA, and all professionally-qualified persons are encouraged to apply.”

What training do CIA officers get?

Initial training for CIA agents and analysts is often conducted at the Federal Law Enforcement Agency Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia. Two of the most common training programs for CIA agents at the FLETC include the Uniformed Police Training Program and the Criminal Investigator Training Program.

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