How To Train Bridge Officer Specialization? (Question)

Bridge Officers can be trained in a specialization by using a special type of Training Manual called a “Specialization Qualification”. The ability to craft these manuals is unlocked once a player character has spent 10 points in a given specialization. One specialization may be active per Bridge Officer at once.

Where is the specialization Training Manual in STO?

Training a Command Officer Once granted the Command Officer specialization, Training Manuals for Rank I and Rank II Command abilities will be available for purchase from any Bridge Officer Training store.

How do you get specializations in STO?

Specialization Qualifications are unlocked by investing 10 Specialization Points in the according Primary specializations. This allows their crafting through the Officer Training School of the Research and Development system.

How do I change bridge officers in Star Trek Online?

To change the appearance of the officer, simply press the “change uniform” tab and make the desired changes to the physical appearance as well as the clothing. The first rename and appearance change to any new BOff is free, however all future changes will cost the player EC at the tailors.

How do I get more duty officers in Star Trek Online?

RECRUIT MORE DUTY OFFICERS First, as mentioned above, each tier of a commendation gives you a free duty officer, but also unlocks others. You can buy them with dilithium. At Starfleet Academy and the Klingon Academy there are NPCs which have recruitment assignments you can use them to get free duty officers.

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How do you make Boff?

A boff must first be placed in a bridge officer station on your ship or away team to be trained. You can find them in “Crew Stations” under “Skills” on the Ship & Crew page, then go to Starship Stations and select “Change Ability” for that boff.

How do I get Zen STO?

One can also gain Zen through Arc platform by doing Arc Quests, where Arc points can be exchanged for Zen(not available on pc anymore). Gold or Lifetime players can also earn 500 Zen at the end of every month for as long as their accounts remain such.

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