How To Become A Police Officer In North Dakota?

Minimum Requirements to be a Police Officer in North Dakota

  1. The person must be a citizen of the United States or in resident alien status as defined by the Immigration and Naturalization Service laws and regulations.
  2. The person must possess a high school diploma or general education equivalency certificate (GED).

How long does it take to become a police officer in North Dakota?

Once you enter the field, you will be on probation for an additional 1 year. Upon completion of this probation, you may begin working as a standard police officer in the state. So, all in all, it may take around 1.5-2 years to become a police officer in North Dakota.

How long is police academy in ND?

The Bismarck Police Department hopes that by offering a citizen police academy the participants will better understand the operational responsibilities that all members of the police department undertake on a daily basis. The academy is eleven weeks long and meets one night a week.

How old do you have to be to be a cop in North Dakota?

By the date of hire, the applicant must have completed the equivalent of a two year education at an accredited college or university. An Associate’s Degree, 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits will fulfill this requirement. The applicant must be at least 21 years old at the time of hire.

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How do I become a peace officer in North Dakota?

Successfully complete and pass a psychological exam approved by the ND Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board. Undergo a background investigation to include contact with employers, teachers and associates. Complete a medical/physical exam administered by the applicant’s personal physician.

How do you become a detective in North Dakota?

Ability to legally possess a firearm. High school diploma or GED. No convictions for crimes of moral turpitude, felonies, or domestic violence. Applicants are screened for their qualifications and skills, and the hiring process will include:

  1. Extensive background investigation.
  2. Medical examination.
  3. Psychological evaluation.

How much do cops make in North Dakota?

The average salary for a police officer in North Dakota is around $56,760 per year.

How do I become a police officer in Minot ND?

Applicants must complete the written police exam, complete a job related physical agility and fitness test, oral interviews, background investigation, personality assessment and post-offer medical exam. Possession of a valid North Dakota driver’s license.

What does it take to become a police officer?

To become a police officer you will need to graduate high school or get a GED, get a bachelor’s degree (optional) and graduate from the police academy. Each state or city may have additional requirements.

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