How To Become A Flight Warrant Officer? (Correct answer)

Be between 18-32 years old at the time of entry (some exceptions apply to 17 year-old applicants) Achieve a qualifying score on the Selection Instrument for Flight Training (SIFT) Earn a minimum of 110 General Technical (GT) score on the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

How much do flight warrant officers make?

Base Pay for Warrant Officers A new warrant officer is designated as W-1 on the pay scale. As of 2020, a warrant officer with less than two years’ experience was paid $3,213 a month. The army helicopter pilot salary rises to $3,559.20 after two years, per’s 2020 Active Duty Pay Chart.

What are the requirements to become a warrant officer?

candidates must: Be younger than 46 years old (age waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis) Earn a General Technical score of 110 or higher on the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Complete required non-commissioned Officer Leadership courses (Does not apply to aviation candidates)

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Can a warrant officer fly?

FLIGHT TRAINING Aviation Warrant Officers must be agile, adaptive, and creative, as they operate aircraft in all meteorological conditions, both day and night, and are responsible for coordinating, conducting, and directing all types of single service and joint combat, combat support and sustainment operations.

Can you become a warrant officer as a civilian?

Can a civilian join the Army to become a warrant officer for aviation, or do you already have to be in service? You have to already be in service. You cannot directly become a warrant officer.

How long is Warrant Officer Flight Training?

Warrant Officer Flight School is a six-week training program open to those with a high school diploma or its equivalent. In fact, the Army is the only service that allows you to go into flight training without a college degree, earning the program its nickname “high school to flight school”.

Do warrant officers live on base?

If they prefer to live off-base, they receive a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), based on the zip code of the duty station and varying according to rank, marital status and allowance for dependents.

Is warrant officer a high rank?

Warrant officer is the highest non-commissioned rank and ranks above flight sergeant.

Do warrant officers go to basic training?

With the exception of Special Forces candidates, all warrant officers’ conduct their initial common core training within WOCS or one of the RTI’s.

How long does it take to become a warrant officer?

Soldiers selected to become warrant officers are in for “a demanding program initially,” Sutton said. They must attend Warrant Officer Candidate School, which is five to seven weeks long, depending on the soldier, followed by the Warrant Officer Basic Course.

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How long is Warrant Officer Basic Course army?

WOCS is a rigorous five-week course designed to train, assess, evaluate, and develop Warrant Officers for fourteen of the U.S. Army’s sixteen basic branches (excluding Infantry and Armor).

Is the SIFT test hard?

The SIFT is not “hard”, but will catch you off guard if you are unprepared. I administer SIFTs for our state and only saw one guy bomb it. He shifted gears, studied for 6 months (the required duration before retest) and came back and did pretty well with a score in the mid 60’s.

What GT score do you need to be a warrant officer?

– An ASVAB minimum GT score of 110 is required. This cannot be waived; however, applicants can take an Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) to improve their scores. Applicants for WO Aviator must pass a flight aptitude test to qualify.

What rank do you have to be to become a warrant officer?

The regular Warrant Officer Selection Program requires a minimum of eight years of enlistment upon date of appointment (not commissioned), proof and/or demonstration of their exceedingly technical proficiency within their MOS field, and achieved the rank and pay grade of Sergeant (E-5) or above.

How do you get promoted as a warrant officer?

Promotion Requirements: Must have two years TIG as a WO1 and complete the Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC). All WO1s meeting the TIG requirements and successfully completing WOBC will be promoted to CW2 without a board.

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