How To Become A Cbi Officer? (Solution found)

To become a Group-A officer in CBI, you have to become an IPS officer by passing the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC. To become a sub-inspector in CBI, you have to take SSC CGL exam. In CBI Sub Inspector Test (SSC CGL), Tier 1 and Tier 2 examinations are of objective type.

Is it easy to become CBI officer?

Generally, aspirants prefer to become a CBI officer by appearing in the SSC-CGL exam because it is an easier process than becoming an IPS officer first by appearing in the UPSC Civil Services exam.

How can I join CBI after 12th?

Joining through SSC: Candidates can become a CBI Sub-Inspector by clearing the CBI Entrance Exam or the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

Who is more powerful IAS or CBI?

ANSWERS (2) IAS is definitely more powerful, since they control whole nation in every ministry by becoming secretary. IAS also heads home ministry which controls CBI and other many departments. IAS is definitely more powerful, since they control whole nation in every ministry by becoming secretary.

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Is CBI exam difficult?

This is the most prestigious and the toughest examination in the country. In fact, all the Group B and Group C officers’ posts like those of sub-inspectors, constables, Lower Division Clerks in CBI are recruited directly through Combined Graduate Level Examinations (CGL) conducted by the Staff Selection Commission.

Who is powerful CBI or IPS?

Though IPS officers are indeed the most powerful officers in the country. They head CBI, CID and all police organizations dealing with crimes of any type. All the State and Central Police Organizations are headed by IPS officers who arrest and prosecute.

Does CBI SI have uniform?

CBI Dress Code: While male staff should be dressed in trousers, collared shirts and formal shoes with proper shaving, women will wear suits, sarees, formal shirts and trousers. “No jeans, T-shirts, sports shoes, chappals (slippers) and casual attire is allowed in the office,” the order stated.

How can I join CID?

CID, can be joined by the following ways:

  1. You join the police force, as a hawaldar or an assistant police depending on your qualification.
  2. You could clear the UPSC exam, after Graduation any stream and join the CID team as an Assistant sub inspector.
  3. You pursue Graduation in criminology clear UPSC and join the CID team.

Is CBI is a good job?

SSC CBI offers a tremendous respectful career for young and enthusiastic candidates. It doesn’t include tedious office work. One gets to exposure and chance to try hands at many new things. It is the most respectful job in society specifically among the Businessmen, Government Officials, Bankers etc.

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Can a girl join CBI after 12th?

Both male and female eligible to become am CBI officer but you should be citizen of india. Hello friend, CBI stands for the Central Bureau of Investigation. To join the CBI department, you will need to appear for Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam, conducted by the Staff selection commission every year.

Can arts students join CBI?

Wish You Luck! Hi Pankaj, As you wish to join the CBI you must write the Union Public Service Commission Examination. You have to complete your graduation with a minimum of 55% marks to appear for this exam.

Are CBI officers IPS?

Organisation. The CBI is headed by a Director, an IPS officer with a rank of Director General of Police. Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Assistant Sub-Inspector, Head constable, Constable which are recruited through SSC or through deputation from Police, Income Tax Department and Customs Department.

What is the power of CBI in India?

The Central Government can authorize CBI to investigate a crime in a State but only with the consent of the concerned State Government. The Supreme Court and High Courts, however, can order CBI to investigate a crime anywhere in the country without the consent of the State.

Are IFS officers powerful?

IFS officers are powerful in their own right, though they do not have the broad administrative powers that an IAS or IPS officer would have inside the country. Notwithstanding this, they shape India’s foreign policy and can wield a lot of influence on other departments related to their work.

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