How Much Does A Us Customs Officer Make? (Best solution)

Start as a CBPO in June 2021 as a GS-5 and make $35,265 – $80,265 per year. Be promoted in June 2022 to GS-7 and make $43,683 – $88,683 per year. Be promoted in June 2023 to GS-9 and make $53,433 – $98,433 per year.

How much money does a custom officer make?

Starting Salary: $18,000 per annum. Return completed application and necessary documents no later than 4:00pm October 31, 2019, to the following locations: New Providence – Customs Headquarters, University Drive (Thompson Blvd)

What is a CBP officer salary?

As of Nov 17, 2021, the average annual pay for a CBP Officer in Los Angeles is $93,540 an year.

What does a US customs officer do?

Detecting and preventing terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States. Enforcing customs, immigration, and agricultural laws and regulations at U.S. ports of entry and preclearance locations worldwide. Preventing the illegal trafficking of people, narcotics, and contraband into the United States.

How long does it take to become a customs officer?

4. Complete any required training. Customs officers are required to complete an intensive training program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, which takes 89 days to complete.

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How do you become a US customs officer?

Steps for Becoming a CBP Officer

  1. Pass the GS-9 waiver entrance exam.
  2. Be a U.S. citizen who is under 37 years of age.
  3. Have resided in the U.S. for three years before applying.
  4. Possess a valid driver’s license.
  5. Pass a medical exam, drug test, and security background check.
  6. Submit to and pass two physical fitness tests (PFTs)

What are the exams for customs officer?

Students who choose to become Customs officers in India must take either the Civil services exam administered by the Union Public Service Commission or the SSC CGL. The person is in charge of the flow of smuggled goods into and out of India’s major airports. It is a well-respected but demanding career.

What is the average salary of an immigration officer?

The average salary for a immigration officer is $80,509 per year in the United States.

Is CBP a good career?

Even if you’re not a veteran, CBP can be a great career of service with excellent opportunities, career potential and job security.

How long is CBP Academy?

All new border patrol agents receive training at the CBP Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, New Mexico. The training program, which is 58 days long, includes instruction in integrated law, physical training, firearms instruction, and driving.

Are CBP officers cops?

CBP officers are federal law enforcement officers in the largest CBP Office of Field Operations empowered to exercise the authority and perform the duties provided by law and Department of Homeland Security regulations, including making arrests, conducting searches, making seizures, bearing firearms, and serving any

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Do you need a degree for US Customs?

CBP Officer The minimum educational requirement for applicants is a high school diploma or GED. In addition, there is a requirement for three years of professional experience involving meeting and dealing with people. A bachelor’s degree satisfies this requirement.

How do I become a airport customs officer?

Education Requirements The base requirements for a U.S. Airport Customs Officer is an undergraduate degree or one year of experience working in security. In addition, you must have a valid driver’s license, proof of U.S. citizenship, pass a drug test and a criminal background check.

What degree do you need for customs officer?

The minimum education requirement for a trainee in this position is a high school diploma. Trainees must also have a valid driver’s licence and must have successfully completed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) along with the related exams.

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