How Much Does A Homeland Security Officer Make? (Correct answer)

Average US Department of Homeland Security Security Officer yearly pay in the United States is approximately $46,171, which is 26% above the national average.

What do Homeland Security officers do?

As a Homeland Security employee, you will help secure our borders, airports, seaports and waterways; research and develop the latest security technologies; respond to natural disasters or terrorists acts; and analyze intelligence reports.

Is Homeland Security a good career?

The federal government can offer you valuable job experience, training opportunities, excellent benefits, and opportunity for advancement. The Department of Homeland Security has unique career opportunities that will challenge your mind and reward your skills and talents.

How long is homeland security training?

Most full-time students take four years to earn a bachelor’s degree in homeland security, which often requires around 120 credits. Some accelerated online programs allow students to graduate in less time.

Do you need a degree for homeland security?

In general, applicants need a bachelor’s degree, which takes approximately four years to complete. Homeland security professionals can hold degrees at various levels, including associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

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Is homeland security part of the FBI?

Through it all, the FBI had become part and parcel of what is now called “homeland security,” a government-wide campaign to protect America from terrorist attacks. And we have been given a critical role to play, one that is redefining much of what we do. The homeland security effort is being waged on many fronts.

What is the age limit to work for Homeland Security?

No there is no maximum age limit to apply.

What jobs can I get with a homeland security certificate?

Certification in homeland security and defense can lead you to some of the careers listed below.

  • Armed forces.
  • Coast Guard.
  • Credential specialist.
  • Criminal investigator.
  • Disaster recovery coordinator.
  • Drug Enforcement Agency.
  • Emergency management and response.
  • Firefighting departments.

Does Homeland Security have an academy?

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Academy, located on the grounds on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia, provides basic and advanced training to HSI special agents, task force officers and other law enforcement personnel.

Is there an academy for homeland security?

The DHS ITA designs, develops, assesses, and delivers homeland security intelligence training through a diverse set of training, education, and professional development programs for the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) and DHS Intelligence Enterprise (IE).

What is a degree in homeland security?

A degree in homeland security – or Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, as it’s also known – explores counterterrorism, crisis management, cybercrime, research and analysis, emergency disaster planning, and other topics essential to security and preparedness.

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Does Homeland Security have special agents?

Workforce. HSI’s workforce consists of more than 10,400 employees, including special agents, criminal analysts, mission support personnel and contract staff assigned to offices throughout the United States and around the world. HSI has one of the largest international footprints in U.S. law enforcement.

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