How Do I Become An Officer In The National Guard?

To become an officer in the National Guard:

  1. You must meet the Guard’s general eligibility requirements.
  2. You must have a minimum of 90 college credits toward an accredited degree to begin training*
  3. You must be a U.S. citizen.
  4. You must be morally and medically qualified.

How long does it take to become an officer in the National Guard?

The training period varies for each job based on the MOS you choose. Some schools take as few as 4-9 weeks, while other more specialized or critical jobs take up to 64 weeks. For Special Forces, training is even longer. Find out about training for your MOS.

What does it mean to be an officer in the National Guard?

The National Guard depends on strong leaders: its commissioned officers. Rising through the ranks, commissioned officers become managers and problem-solvers. They maintain a commitment to excellence, make critical decisions, lead every mission and guide Army Soldiers by the thousands.

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How much does an officer in the National Guard make?

An officer in the Guard at a pay grade of O-1, which is the lowest officer rank, makes $103 per drill, so around $414 over a drill weekend. If you’re called up to active duty, an O-1 makes a base pay of $3,107 a month. An O-2 makes $119 per drill and a base pay of $3,580 a month.

Who appoints the officers in the National Guard?

Appointments of reserve officers in commissioned grades above lieutenant colonel and commander shall be made by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, except as provided in section 624, 12213, or 12214 of this title.

How do you qualify for officer candidate school?

You must be a U.S. citizen and have your bachelor’s degree by the time you are commissioned as an Officer. The general age requirement is between 19 and 32. You also have to be eligible for a secret security clearance. If you’re current military, you can’t have more than six years of active service before joining OCS.

Can you become an officer without a degree?

To enter ADFA, you must satisfy entry requirements for a relevant degree at the University of New South Wales or equivalent. As it is a competitive process, it is recommended that you apply in Year 11.

How can I be an officer?

The Paths to Becoming an Officer

  1. Attend a senior military college or service academy.
  2. Enroll at a traditional college or university with a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program.
  3. Attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) after graduating from college.
  4. Receive a direct commission after earning a professional degree.
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Do National Guard officers go to basic training?

All National Guard members must complete 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training, the same boot camp attended by full-time Army Soldiers.

Can you become an officer after enlisting?

Luckily, all five branches of the armed forces have made it possible for an enlisted service member to become an officer. Although a service member can be promoted to warrant officer because of his technical expertise, someone who wants to become a commissioned officer must attend officer candidate school.

Do you get paid for basic training?

Do You Get Paid for Basic Training? Yes. You’ll be glad to hear you’re at least getting paid to struggle through challenges that will shape you into a soldier. During the in-processing of Week Zero, the Army will establish your military pay records and scale.

Are there full time positions in the National Guard?

Yes. The Guard has several types of full-time employees. Within each state there are full-time personnel who manage the day-to-day operations of the units in their state or territorial Guard. These soldiers serve in a status known as “Title 32,” which refers to the section of the US Code that they are governed by.

Can National Guard officers go active duty?

– The most recent Regular Army Call to Active Duty program is expanded for commissioned officers and warrant officers this year. The program allows Army Reserve and National Guard members in select grades and specialties to go on active duty.

How do you get promoted in the National Guard?

Promotions in the National Guards are based on all-around stellar performance. Points for promotion are earned through education, training, and also for evidence of outstanding achievement.

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Are National Guard veterans?

Yes, National Guard members can, indeed, be considered U.S. Veterans as of 2016. The Honor America’s Guard-Reserve Retirees Act was passed, giving retired Guardsmen and women the chance to earn Veteran status in the eyes of the law.

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